Vehicle Anti-theft Solution is based on passive devices and comprises a set of hardware and software systems. It helps you to add RFID vehicle access to your vehicle security system to help companies locate vehicles through the use of GPS and GPRS network. Additional security to the vehicles can be achieved, enabling ignition relay and vehicle immobilizer and fuel control devices.



Video surveillance has become the a vital requirement to reinforce the security of infrastructures and people. Monitoring by video/ image storage is the most effective and successful way of surveillance. Recent and important developments allowed this technology to offer more usability and security.



Recognition can be done either by card (proximity cards…) or by biometrics (fingerprint, face detection, etc.). Securing and automating access rules by introducing them in the system allows to have a fully-complied safety rules which will improve the access control security of the company.




A full range of wired and wireless stations and a complete range of indoors, outdoors and parametrical detectors are available.

All these systems can be either operated stand-alone or networked, managed and remotely monitored.




Fire detection systems are a complete range of conventional sensors and alarm control panels. All these systems can work independently but also networked, managed and monitored remotely.




At a time of growing insecurity related to terrorism, it is increasingly common to put in place control procedures for people and goods through inspection devices at the entrance of buildings and structures that are usually very busy and can be targeted by acts of terrorism.

In order to avoid and limit malicious acts, inspections devices are placed at the entrances of the buildings to control people, their bags and luggage and limit access to people who do not represent any threat.


The different times and events are acquired through badging by cards or biometric templates. The data is then treated by software, which automate their processing.





Sentinology’s building management systems allows the companies to monitor energy consumption so they can manage and reduce the wastage with regards to the usage of technical equipment such as air conditioning and heating, lighting, lifts transformers, etc. that are usually complex.




To counter the development of theft techniques which are becoming more and more elaborate, Sentinology provides a set of new security products that are made with cutting-edge technologies such as rigid or adhesive anti-theft tags, anti-theft stands for telephones or tablets, cable locks for PC, etc.




In order to ensure the efficiency of all the integrated security solutions on a site, it has now become necessary to set up a system that centralizes all the data from the various security subsystems on a single platform. This way the systems become complementary and the weaknesses of a subsystem are compensated by the strengths of another component, which gives a powerful and efficient security installation.



A reliable means of communication is a definite requirement in order to assure the responsiveness of the people who must intervene in times of emergency. Since it is often used to report an incident or evacuate people, it Is important to acquire quality equipment to ensure an effective communication between the interlocutors.



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