The need for tracking vehicles has constantly become an integral part of efficient business operations. The vehicle location and fleet tracking market helped birth the growing M2M industry as fleet route optimization and the ability to track valuable cargo drove widespread adoption.

With innovative and customizable solutions being delivered and supported by applications providers, this market continues to expand based on cost-effective, widespread coverage, and ubiquitous cellular network access.


Asset Management helps companies to set maintenance policies and strategies to make sure the company makes the most out of its assets. These strategies include proactive maintenance programs such as condition monitoring, reliability-centered maintenance and lean processes to drive improvement.




As cost of fuel constantly accelerates through the years, it is certainly in the best interest of the company to proactively reduce and manage fuel expense to decrease costs and increase profits.

We provide a set of hardware and software devices which allows and gives the owners the right set of tools that they need to effectively monitor and manage their vehicles’ fuel consumption and detect frauds and fuel theft.




Sentinology provides the technology that give you all the information you need in order for you to make decisions and adjustments that will provide you with a more efficient operations and a lower maintenance cost.

Preventive maintenance and scheduled service activities are triggered by the vehicle odometer reading through the installed on-board computer, and all of the maintenance features to help streamline the vehicle maintenance management process.

Long working hours, demanding operation, and intensive work, and driver over-confidence, may lead to sever and negative consequences.

Driver Fatigue Management system helps reduce driver fatigue, alert driver and control room in case of fatigue, and reduce accidents caused by driver fatigue.



Being able to develop custom-made vehicle management and vehicle telematics systems have helped us develop custom-made digital tachograph that is based on ISO standard to meet specific requirements for specific markets.

These digital tachograph is useful in investigations when any vehicle and driver are involved in a road accident.



The first step towards a safer fleet is to become aware of which unsafe practices and habits are taking place, when they take place, and which drivers are responsible.

Sentinology developed a system that provides immediate feedback that calls drivers’ attention to their behavior so that they can recognize and correct unsafe habits.



Road crashes are one of the leading causes of death globally. In the efforts to eliminate this, speed limits are implemented in most, if not all, parts of the world. It is extremely important for drivers to abide by the limit that is set on the roads.

An IVMS solution that is capable of setting and electronically locking the vehicle to multiple speed limit can be used. Through the speed limiter, fleet managers can keep the vehicles at a determined speed depending on the area where the vehicles are operating.



Checking the vehicle’s tire pressure and temperature using the regular gauge is good, but now it is far better using the most innovative tools, that can measure the tire pressure and temperature accurately and efficiently.

Sentinology’s tire pressure monitoring system is very beneficial in terms of cost savings and increased productivity. This is one of the most reliable solutions which can monitor and maintain the security of all tires of any fleet, to ensure the safety of the drivers and assets while on the road.


Having a multiple number of inputs, the IVMS device that’s installed in the vehicles can be integrated with an external sensor that can measure the angular velocity of the vehicle. The data that these sensors get will be sent to the portal and give information to the fleet managers on the instances of harsh skidding or harsh cornering of the vehicle.

Through this technology, fleet companies will be able to assess the driver behavior and help prevent road accidents related to vehicle’s harsh skidding. This will also be beneficial to reduce cost with regards to tire and overall maintenance of the vehicles.


Blind spots are areas outside of a vehicle that the driver is unable to see. These spots are usually caused by the window pillars, headrests, passengers, and other objects, that block the driver’s view. Some types of blind spots can cover the entire vehicles, which is why it's unsafe to change lanes without looking to the left or right.

Through this solution, the driver is notified when another vehicle is driving in an adjacent lane approaching the rear of the driver’s vehicle. Once activated, the system alerts the driver to avoid collision on the road.

Regulatory bodies and authorities determine a set of regulations that are ultimately for the safety of all motorists.

Sentinology’s IVMS technology assures that all company vehicles abide by these regulation for further safety and security.




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