The oil and gas industry has required a driver monitoring system as part of its basic safety and security measures. Our system provides the assurance to the fleet managers that the drivers adhere to the regulations set by the authorities, by providing reports on driver behavior and remote setting of limitations of the vehicle.



As the cities get busy with buses, taxi’s, and other public transport systems, the government has to establish a set of rules that drivers and operators need to follow so as not to cause danger to the lives of pedestrians. Our solution provides technologies that ensure the safety and efficiency in the lives of all involved.



Our solutions provide logistics companies a safe and efficient operations by giving them the capability of monitoring their fleet operations, oversee their drivers and track their KPI’s, and abiding by the safety policies implemented by both the company and the government.



Our system supports the needs of officials (police, government, emergency response team, etc.) for fleet management. Each of these officials have a unique safety and security regulation that they have to adhere to. With a highly-customizable system, we help these officials to have an efficient, safe, and secure operations.



To make sure that kids’ journey to and from school is safe, we developed solutions such as the automated student identification that ensures that every student is accounted for and arrives both at school and to their respective homes safely.




Our solutions help car rental companies monitor and track their vehicles and ensure safety against theft and mistreatment. With the geo-fencing capabilities, the our solutions also helps ensure that the drivers are not able to leave predefined areas, and automated reports provide management with simple but complete and organized data to keep track of the vehicle’s activities and helps keep maintenance records of vehicles.




As part of the regulations on insurance providers to have a system for vehicle tracking and driver monitoring, our solutions allow them to supply and implement a low-cost system and incentive, that would, in turn, gain loyalty from their customers.



In order to ensure passengers’ safety, and in cases where high-cost goods need to be transported, a security system in vehicles if of utmost importance. Our system provides these security solutions such as in-vehicle surveillance cameras, RFID-enabled driving, electronic locks, etc.



Our journey management solution assists waste management managers to have a time-effective and efficient operations. Important information are sent to the driver for a smooth opeartion, when necessary.




The construction industry is one of the top industries that use technology to improve fleet and equipment efficiency. With the use of our system, construction companies can keep track and identification of both its fixed and mobile assets. This also allows the managers to ensure all equipment are well-maintained by providing accurate and timely reports.




With today’s heightened need for a higher level of safety and security, our surveillance systems can cater to pretty much about any infrastructure, be it buildings, roads, vehicles, homes, etc. We are continuously developing and innovating systems by exploring the latest technologies and incorporating them in order to provide effective, efficient, and adaptable system to our clients.

Similarly, our Smart Energy solutions are developed to help our customers from different sectors to optimize their operations while saving cost on their energy consumption. The industries we serve are diverse, whether small or big companies, as long as they use energy and lighting in their businesses.

We are constantly learning about the latest trends and developments in technology so we can meet the specific needs of our clients, and improve their daily operations.

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