Intercom and Audio Signaling

In case of an emergency, it is essential to have reliable means of communication in order to guarantee the responsiveness of the people who must intervene.

Inspection Devices

At a time of growing insecurity related to terrorism, it is increasingly common to put in place control procedures for people and goods through inspection devices at the entrance of buildings and structures that are usually very busy and can be targeted by acts of terrorism.

Fire Safety

The main objective of an efficient fire safety system is to detect and alert in case of fire.

Intrusion Detection

Usually associated with remote monitoring device, the intrusion detection system is a determining factor in the protection of people and goods.

Access Control

The access control system allows the management to monitor the entry and exit of personnel in their establishments, and prevents unauthorized access in any parts.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is an integral part of any safety and security of infrastructures and people.

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